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Release News

New versions of SimpleHelp are made based on how development of the product is progressing and customer demand for particular features.

If you would like to suggest a feature for a future release please feel free to do so by emailing us at .

Version 4.02

Build 4-2-20150130-214007

  • Added migration support to allow batch configuration of remote access services.
  • Improved session stability on machines experiencing significant clock skew.
  • Improved server performance where disks access is very slow.
  • Added log size limiting for remote access services.
  • ´┐┐´┐┐Fixed an issue preventing control of the OS X login screen.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented the SimpleHelp server from fulfilling remote access session requests.

Build 4-2-20150113-131810

  • Fixed an issue where the SimpleHelp server would not process new connection requests.
  • Fixed an issue that may result in service registrations failing.
  • Fixed email customer details verification to include support for new TLDs.

Build 4-2-20141121-135013

  • Fixes an issue preventing the End Session button from correctly terminating the session.
  • Fixes an issue where a large number of groups in the Access tab may cause the technician console to fail.
Version 4.02

Build 4-2-20141119-160729

  • Includes a fix for services not registering correctly, or not uploading service information.
  • Reduces server logging.

Build 4-2-20141107-094459

  • Reduced session connect time and technician console login time.
  • Added general improvements for OS X sessions.
  • Fixed an issue preventing new remote access services from registering correctly.
  • Fixed an issue where TCP reconnects would fail.
  • Fixed an issue where mobile technician logins may be denied.
  • Fixed an issue where the reconnect dialog may appear even though the session has no issues.
  • Fixed an issue where the session duration was reported incorrectly for some events in the logging framework.
  • Fixed an issue where monitoring would stop after some time in the technician console was inactive.
  • Fixed an issue where a hidden chat panel would reappear on a reconnect.
  • The status page now includes machine IDs for simpler integration.

Build 4-2-20141015-181232

  • Addresses an issue preventing remote access service installations from within a support session from completing.

Build 4-2-20141007-213756

  • Reduced server thread usage to allow for more sessions.
  • Fixed an issue causing the Remote Acces Service to continually create new threads.
  • Fixed an issue whereby the server could become stuck and would not allow new service registrations.
  • Improved OS X Yosemite and OS X 10.9.5 support.

Build 4-2-20140905-164252

  • Added server improvements to reduce memory usage and improve long term stability.

Build 4-2-20140901-153329

  • Changed the quick invitation URL to point to the /customer page.
  • Limited the amount of memory that video transcoding will use on the server.
  • Fixed an issue causing the technician application to hang on Windows systems with a Desktop shortcut on their desktop.
  • Fixed an issue where the machine DB folder may not be created.

Build 4-2-20140825-123247

  • Fixed an issue causing mobile support sessions to fail.
  • Fixed a stability issue in the server which may cause it to consume more memory than required over time.

Build 4-2-20140821-105141

  • Added OS X Yosemite and Mavericks 10.9.5 signing support.
  • Fixed an issue where a customer details label of 'Technician' may cause the customer queue to not display.
  • Fixed an issue where spaces in the details labels are not encoded correctly.
  • Fixed an issue causing video playback to fail in Firefox.
  • Fixed an issue where the monitoring switch was not working in the Access grid view.
  • Fixed an issue causing the Technician Remote Support Session event to fail to process.
  • Fixed an issue preventing calling cards from displaying the customer's details correctly in certain cases.

Build 4-2-20140808-163342

  • Reduced the number of threads that the server uses and improved server efficiency.
  • SimpleHelp now supports multiple embed.js scripts on a single HTML page.
  • Added a feature to automatically fetch technician photos from a LDAP server.
  • Added scroll bars into the access tab when configuring a remote access service.
  • Added the ability to pass variables into an end of session browser window.
  • Fixed an issue that may cause the Remote Access Service to terminate on Windows.
  • Fixed an issue where scrolling in the machine details panel was very slow on Windows.
  • Fixed an issue causing the Linux 32bit server to fail to launch on multi-core systems.
  • Fixed an issue where installing the remote access service via a session would always use UDP server urls.
  • Fixed an issue whereby clicking to zoom the screenshot using a stylus may fail to register.
  • Fixed an issue where a preconfigured HTTP server URL would not be correctly listed in the server URL list of the remote access service.
  • Fixed an issue where a non-default group name for new services may result in a arbitrary tree structure.
  • Fixed an issue preventing configuration backups from working.
  • Fixed a UI issue that shows the default remote access service name as not being saved correctly.
  • Fixed an issue where the Remote Support application was not notifying the customer if a session was terminated.

Build 4-2-20140729-071859

  • Added a feature where remote access machines can have notification notes associated with them, which are shown when a session is started.
  • Set the customer's name in the support queue to be their username if no details are collected.
  • Fixed an issue introduced in 4.02 where sessions might get disconnected erroneously.
  • Fixed an issue preventing shortcuts from being created for a preconfigured remote access service.
  • Fixed an issue preventing the 'silent' parameter from working for preconfigured Remote Access services.
  • Fixed an issue whereby UDP sessions could still be attempted if the technician's preference had enabled UDP Direct but disabled UDP.
  • Fixed an issue where the stop init script was not working on Linux.
  • Fixed an issue where word wrap in the chat panel did not occur on a word boundary.
  • Fixed an issue preventing calling card creation for certain customer details.
  • Fixed an issue where the last used time may be many years ago.
  • Fixed an issue where the Linux remote access service would not restart on a X server restart (such as a user logout).
  • Fixed an issue preventing the Linux service from starting on systemd servers.
  • Fixed an issue causing the reconnect dialog to not be shown.
  • Fixed an issue where a server's display configuration might cause a session to fail to start.
  • The 'Slower Capture' option is now disabled for Mac OS and Linux.
  • Fixed an issue causing video transcoding to fail on headless SimpleHelp servers.

Build 4-2-20140718-141930

  • Improved session disconnect detection to provide more responsive session reconnecting.
  • Added a duration to show when a machine was last in use.
  • Added Remote Access Service preconfiguration options so that executables no longer need to be scripted for batch deployment.
  • Added a delete=yes embed option that will automatically delete the Remote Support executable once launched.
  • Fixed an issue where the Windows key might remain pressed once a session ends.
  • Fixed an issue where two tier authentication might prevent a session from starting.
  • Fixed a launch issue on OS X.
  • Fixed an issue resulting in presentations with large monitors failing.
  • Fixed an issue where technician names with non-latin characters were not displaying properly.
  • Fixed a screen size detection issue resulting in incorrect screen choice options.
  • Fixed an issue whereby a blank company name might prevent SimpleHelp from serving HTML pages.

Build 4-2-20140703-143309

  • Added update frequency throttling to prevent faulty remote services from repeating to upgrade.
  • Fixed a filters issue that would cause filters to not operate correctly on machines with no groups.
  • Fixed a filters issue that would cause the filters to be saved unpredictably.
  • Fixed a build issue that may prevent HTML recordings from playing.
  • Fixed an issue that may cause video playback to fail on some systems.
  • Fixed a translation issue in URL preferences.

Build 4-2-20140701-182923

  • Fixes an issue that might prevent the creation of customer and machine filters.
  • Fixes an issue that might prevent the viewing of screen recordings.
  • Fixes an issue that causes the post session URL to not be saved and reloaded correctly.

Build 4-2-20140627-222046

  • All new access tab user interface.
  • Remote access services are remembered once they go offline.
  • Services report key monitoring information, including the current user, IP, WAN IP and hostname.
  • Services report statistics including disk, CPU and memory usage.
  • Services upload intermittent screenshots.
  • Added session recording functionality.
  • Added a session history tab.
  • Added notes to remote access services.
  • Added two factor authentication for the SimpleHelpAdmin user.
  • Added basic Windows 2000 support.
  • Added drag and drop support to rename or move services.
  • Added URL handlers for Windows and Mac OS so that sessions can be started with simplehelp:// URLs
  • Added the ability to switch between 3*, 4* and 5* sessions.
  • Added the ability to block remote access services.
  • Added an option to restore the session window size and location.
  • Added the ability to remotely view and copy files from a remote access service without a session.
  • Added customer network details to the customer logging framework events.
  • Added the ability to fetch the list of groups via the Remote Access Service Configuration app.
  • Added CAD and screen recording controls to the Session UI.
  • Added the ability to specify the ciphers that the server accepts for SSL.
  • Added a checkbox to disable technician accounts.
  • Added support for StartSSL certificates.
  • Added explicit firewall exceptions for the remote access service on Windows.
  • Added ability to launch prescribed commands, and to launch them elevated.
  • Added auto-open to OS X DMGs.
  • Added Windows elevation request option for support sessions in the Administration UI.
  • Added support for opening a browser window after a support session.
  • Added support for HTML emails to be sent via the logging framework.
  • Added network information to logging framework customer events.
  • Removed the need for a machine password when stopping a remote access service.
  • Improved the file transfer UI to show the number of transfers and indicate total progress.
  • Improved support for connecting to servers running on port 443 only.
  • Improved performance of 4* sessions.
  • Improved the sending of multiple key combinations.
  • Improved LDAP display name detection.
  • Improved file transfer for multiple files.
  • Improved HTTP service registrations that may have resulted in services from falling off the available list.
  • Improved IP detection in the server for HTTP sessions.
  • Improved application launch on Windows which may result in a Error 740 failure.
  • Improved the customer and machine filters UI.
  • Improved handle management of RemoteAccess.exe on Windows.
  • Improved performance when operating behind a HTTP proxy.
  • Improved start in file transfer and diagnostics modes.
  • Improved support for multiple users launching the same application concurrently.
Version 4.01

Build 4-1-20130913-221349

  • Added the ability to launch sessions via the command line.
  • Fixed an issue preventing the capture of certain Windows XP and 2003 cursors.
  • Fixed an issue preventing remote access services from saving their configuration on OS X.
  • Fixed an issue that may prevent the OS X remote access service from starting.
  • Fixed an issue that may prevent the Linux remote access service from connecting to the X server.
  • Fixed an issue preventing the reinstallation of the remote access service after it has been uninstalled.
  • Fixed an issue preventing all applications from being launched by Windows users on roaming profiles.
  • Fixed an issue causing proxy detection to fail in some situations.
  • Fixed an issue preventing applications from loading on Windows 7 machines with non-ascii usernames.
  • Fixed an issue preventing the Remote Access application from launching on Norwegian XP systems.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented Remote Access services from registering using HTTPS.
  • Fixed an issue that prevents direct connections from being launched via an applet.
  • Fixed an issue that prevents the embed scripts from displaying correctly in IE7.
  • Fixed an issue whereby the applet launch button had a Loading label rather than a Start label.
  • Added a custom email address field to Remote Access Session logging framework events.
  • Added core Windows 2000 support.
  • Fixed a leak of handles on Windows for remote support sessions.
  • Fixed an issue preventing servers from running on port 443 only.
  • Fixed an issue causing application icons to render poorly.

Build 4-1-20130428-134132

  • Fixes an issue preventing the technician application from loading on some Windows XP and 2003 machines.
  • Improves the Windows installer in order to avoid file locking errors during installation.

Build 4-1-20130426-170229

  • Fixed a Windows issue that prevents keystrokes from being registered.
  • The remote access service URL no longer defaults to UDP.
  • Fixed an issue whereby the remote support application would not run if the user has non-latin characters in their username.
  • Fixed an issue causing the remote access service to fail to launch on systems behind a proxy.
  • Improved reconnecting of sessions, especially over UDP.
  • Added an option during remote access installation to not install menu shortcuts.
  • Added icon grouping in Windows 7 and later.
  • Improved application language detection and switching.
  • Increased the timeout before machines are registered as being offline.
  • Fixed an issue causing log sets with multiple filters to process events that should be excluded.
  • Fixed an issue causing the drop down tools menu to appear on the incorrect monitor in multi-monitor setups.
  • Fixed an issue which may cause the number of logged in technicians to be incorrect.
  • Fixed an issue where the machine password is incorrectly required when updating machines.
  • Fixed an issue preventing selecting multiple machines to update.
  • Fixed an issue preventing technician restrictions from working.
  • Fixed an issue preventing non-Latin characters appearing properly in emails.
  • Fixed an issue where sessions to updated services might not have the correct details in the title.
  • Fixed an issue causing the server to experience problems during heavy logging, causing sessions to slow or fail.
  • Fixed an issue whereby European Portuguese keyboards were being detected as Brazilian Portuguese keyboards.
  • Technician restrictions now apply to /mobile.
  • SimpleHelp now picks up the technician display name and email address from active directory servers.
  • The session window is now more responsive when sessions are closed.
  • Fixed a problem that prevented the OS X service from being silently installed.
  • Fixed an issue whereby recently updated services might disappear initially for up to 5 minutes before reregistering.
  • Fixed an issue causing parameters that follow embed.js to not register.
  • Includes translations for /access, /customer and /technician.

Build 4-1-20130402-123334

  • New standalone applications for technicians, remote support and access services.
  • No Java requirements on Windows and Linux.
  • Windows 8 Support.
  • Added support to view the same cursor as the customer.
  • Improved service installation on OS X and Linux.
  • Added new calling cards and machine shortcuts.
  • Added support for VNC sessions.
  • Improved file transfer speed and UI.
  • Added event filtering to the logging framework.
  • Remote access chat support.
  • Added registry support to the diagnostics tab.
  • Added a feature to restrict view to a single remote display.
  • Fixed a problem where the close session dialog was blocked in full screen mode.
  • Improved proxy authentication, detection and general support.
  • The Remote Access Service is now auto-configured with the server's hostname.
  • Improved screen resolution change detection on Linux.
  • Added IP address information to RemoteMachine Online and RemoteMachine Offline events.
  • Mobile logins display if the session limit has been exceeded.
  • Mobile logins now include a group drop down box.
  • Added the ability to specify default remote access machine names per technician group.
  • Fixed an issue preventing presentations from working in IE8.
  • Fixed an issue whereby the remote access service would report the incorrect architecture.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause transport instability in networks with sensitive routers.
  • Improved background switching on Windows and OS X.
  • Moved the screen controls to the menu bar.
  • Added column sorting and first character search to file transfer panel.
  • Added 10.6 headless Mac support, and improved 10.6 Mac screen capture.
  • Added the ability to specify the customer application filename.
  • Added a checkbox to disable locally authenticated technician credentials.
  • Improved performance on poor networks with high packet loss.
  • Fixed Ctrl+Alt+Del on Windows 2003.
  • Added branding supported in OS X DMGs.
  • Added POST support for technician credentials.
  • Added support for using OS X's Command key with remote Windows start menus.
  • Added a launch API allowing for customised, in depth integration.
  • Fixed an issue where OS X screen capture fails due to incorrect OS reported dimensions.
  • Fixed an issue preventing rebooting on non-Windows machines.
  • Fixed an issue which caused Windows Server 2012 to be incorrectly identified.
  • Fixed an issue with translations in mobile and presentations pages.
  • Fixed an issue resulting in corrupt screens on MacBook Air 11 and Retina Macs.
  • Fixed a performance issue when scaling the remote desktop in OS X.
  • Fixed a problem resulting in slower 4* connections.
  • Fixed an issue where SimpleHelp held onto the Windows key when the screen was locked.
Version 3.12

Build 3-12-20120715-140546

  • Fixed an issue that might prevent some dialogs from accepting keyboard input.
  • Reintroduced ability to skip end session events.

Build 3-12-20120702-121628

  • Sessions now default to UDP proxied via the server to work around firewall issues. Technicians can upgrade a session to UDP direct for better performance, or downgrade back down to UDP via the server.
  • Technicians now have UI elements to show when a session is optimising (speeding up) and when it is running at full speed.
  • Added two factor authentication for technician groups, requiring technicians to enter an additional passcode that the server emails them to login.
  • Server configuration, details and disclaimer files are migrated into the configuration folder to ensure simpler updating in the future.
  • The server autogenerates serverconfig.xml, disclaimer and customer details. Server updates no longer overwrite these and migrating is simpler.
  • Greatly improved the efficiency of mobile and presentation screen retrieval.
  • Persistent connections installed via a support session now copy all dependencies to ensure a more robust installation.
  • Added a new method of sending control that is more responsive.
  • Improved screen compression method to reduce CPU usage.
  • The customer chat UI is now capable of supporting multiple technicians and duplicated sessions.
  • Added a fix that was preventing Logging Framework menus from appearing for some users.
  • Improved the session window so that it always appears on the top when a session is started.
  • Session summary events are now sent regardless of whether the Advanced Session Close dialog is shown.
  • The chat icon is now updated correctly with the number of missed messages.
  • Removed dependencies on cmd.exe that were preventing session elevation in certain cases.
  • Fixed an issue prevent mobile session and presentations on certain Linux-based servers.
  • Fixed an issue preventing newer SimpleGateway services from connecting to older SimpleHelp servers.
  • Fixed an issue preventing the technician console from correctly sorting the list of available machines when using Java 7.
  • Fixed an issue resulting in incorrectly serialised session description events.
  • Fixed an issue whereby connections may disconnect often or experience long delays
  • Fixed an issue whereby one browser opening multiple presentations to the same server would cause many attendees to be registered
  • Fixed an issue where technicians log in using a group password but then have the option to change their own password
  • Fixed an issue where the standalone would not run if downloaded in IE and 'run' rather than 'save' was clicked

Build 3-12-20120419-123521

  • Fixed the Mac OS X link in the overview panel.
  • Corrected an internationalisation issue resulting in some characters not displaying correctly.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented Ctrl+Alt+Del from executing in some remote access sessions.
  • Fixed an issue resulting in sessions taking a long time to start.
  • Addressed incorrectly reported available memory in diagnostic mode on Windows.

Build 3-12-20120416-160254

  • Fixed an issue with newer mobile platforms whereby the controls were not repositioning correctly.
  • Fixed an issue where customer logins were taking a long time on some Windows machines.
  • Added functionality to autoscroll the chat window.
  • Fixed an issue whereby screen blanking blocked the technicians view in certain multi-monitor configurations.
  • Added a Reconnect button to reconnect a session when required.
  • Setting the default username in the translation file to IGNORE will prevent the login box from remembering the previous username.
  • Fixed an issue where Windows keys were still captured even if the technician console did not have focus.
  • Fixed a UDP peer to peer issue that causing connections to fail during initialisation.
  • Fixed an issue that broke technician logins where the credentials are supplied in the URL.
  • To avoid numerous events during startup, the SimpleHelp server does not process Remote Machine Online events for the first five minutes.
  • Fixed a timing issue that may result in the technician's avatar not showing on the Technician Presence Dialog
  • Technicians who log in using group-based authentication (LDAP or group password) no longer have the option to change their password.
  • Fixed an issue whereby technicians may, in specific cases, temporarily view the remote screen even if they have not been granted permission to do so.
  • Overriding translations causes translations show during customer component update to not be shown.
  • Fixed an issue whereby the corporate splash logo was not shown when blanking the screen in remote support sessions.

Build 3-12-20120410-123306

  • Introduced faster UDP Direct Peer-to-peer Connections for faster remote support connections.
  • New logging framework to easily capture and process server metrics.
  • Faster technician login and session onnect.
  • Support for the use of Windows-specific keys.
  • Faster linux screencapture allows for faster, more stable screen processing.
  • Windows screen capture is now more comprehensive, including the capture of layered windows.
  • SimpleGateway remote access chat functionality.
  • Invitations can now be shared with other technicians, or groups of technicians.
  • Technicians can now set their own passwords.
  • Invitation codes can now be passed into third party pages that contain the SimpleHelp components.
  • Blank the customer's screen with your company logo, a title and message, allowing you to perform your tasks privately.
  • Disable customer keyboard and mouse to avoid accidental interruptions.
  • Send preconfigured standalone executables to customers for Mac OS X and Windows, including support to preconfigure an optional invitation code.
  • The server is now more robust against denial of service attacks.
  • Introduced an overview tab that provides all the essential SimpleHelp links on one page.
  • Technicians can connect to remote machines in 'view only' mode without control, and optionally can request it when required.
  • Technicians can request a connection to a remote machine prior to viewing the desktop.
  • Added a host of new permissions for technician groups.
  • Improved Background Disabling: Disabling of the background has been improved, both in its effectiveness and in its ability to reinstate the background.
  • Choose to share all your screens during a presentations, or pick one from a list.
  • Pass in the parameter &requestelevation=no to disable automatic customer elevation prompts.
  • The new SimpleGateway service is more robust against server downtime and failure, ensuring it will always be able to reconnect after server failures.
  • Connecting to OS X machines that are in a low power wake mode will be woken up fully.
  • Technicians can specify avatars, and can logout their sessions.
  • The Tune Dialog now contains a Session Tab that details and grades the type of connection you are currently using.
  • Fixed an issue causing long launch times for customers, and failed elevation on systems with redirected folders.
  • Double clicks are now more responsive, and more predictable.
  • 3.12 contains a new code signing certificate.
  • Remote access sessions can be terminated without them reconnecting.
  • Fixed the Warning Dialog from continuously popping up in Internet Explorer sessions.
  • Fixed an issue causing safe mode rebooting to fail.
  • Sessions are now terminated more quickly, and are better at restoring preferences.
  • SimpleHelp components now can be embedded to HTTPS-only servers.
  • Mobile credentials are no longer stored in a mobile device's history.
  • Presentations now work correctly on older versions of Internet Explorer.
  • Fixed a presentation issue whereby attendees might be listed twice.
  • Fixed the Initation Dialog's combobox which would not respond to mouse clicks on some systems.
  • Fixed an issue resulting in the ordering of Customer Details not being saved correctly.
  • Fixed an issue where the session would disconnect if the resolution was changed.
  • Fixed an issue whereby dots may appear in whitespace.
  • Sounds now play on more operating systems.
  • Registering private presentations works properly.
  • Missing icons in mobile caused by redirection has been fixed.
  • Technician group filtering is more robust.
  • Names in connectnow parameters can contain spaces.
Version 3.11

Build 3-11-20111020-110852

  • Fixed a bug where SimpleGateway services on Mac OS were not connecting.
  • Domain logins for elevation now support both forms of domain + user specification for login (domain\user and user@domain)
  • Clipboard buttons restored and Ctrl-C automated transfer of clipboard from remote machine bug fixed
  • Clipboard transfer speed improved
  • Fixed an issue whereby invitation codes entered into the standalone client would fail to connect
  • SimpleHelp server allowed extra memory by default to cater for mobile and presentations
  • Number of connected machines/customers now shown on the tables
  • Fixed an issue whereby a manual update of an older SimpleGateway service could cause session connection problems
  • Fixed an issue whereby Ctrl Alt Delete may not work when connecting to older SimpleGateway installations
  • Fixed an issue whereby private (unlisted) presentations would appear in the demo list
  • Fixed an issue whereby the scrollbar may not be visible on the connected customers and machines panel
Version 3.10

Build 3-10-20110917-011913

  • Fixed an issue whereby black and white encoding could be picked up by mobile or presentation sessions and cause them to present a corrupted screen
  • Fixed an issue whereby mobile logins would fail for technicians with group logins
  • Fixed an issue whereby if a presentation was configured to ask attendees for details but not a password it could either fail to load properly (white screen) or load but not show screen updates (grey screen with pointer)

Build 3-10-20110910-235200

  • Support for SimpleGateway services to use UDP (note they must be updated manually or via the tools button on the tech client to use this feature)
  • Standard invitation added for inviting customers to the standard customer URL
  • Invitations can now specify technician groups for customers to connect to
  • Connected tables in Support and Access tabs are collapsible
  • Mobile modifier keys (Control, Alt, Shift...) in the keyboard section were out of sync with their state, so pressed would show as grey instead of blue
  • Mobile typing area now remains after text is submitted to allow further typing or use of keys in keyboard area
  • Mobile login technician group separator is now forward slash to allow backslash to be used in LDAP logins
  • Clipboard buttons removed and autodetection of copy and paste improved
  • Fixed an issue whereby mobile could fail if the server was a headless Linux or MacOS computer
  • Fixed an issue whereby if the mobile controls menu was hidden the open button would need to be pressed twice to reopen
  • Fixed an issue whereby white horizontal lines would appear in presentations in IE8/9
  • Fixed an issue whereby self signed certificate generation and auto-generation might fail on Linux and MacOS servers
Version 3.9

Build 3-9-20110816-172900

  • Mobile technician client for a wide range of mobile devices via '/mobile'. Includes support for Andoid phones and tables, iPhone and iPad and other devices / platforms.
  • Mobile tech client includes support for SimpleHelp and SimpleGateway sessions including sending Ctrl-Alt-Delete and file transfer (downloads to mobile device).
  • Technicians can now share their screens and host presentations to one or more attendees simultaneously.
  • Technicians can now create custom invitations for customers and send them out by email.
  • Improved look and feel of Technician and Customer clients including reduced number of main tabs.
  • Improvements to screen update speed and session responsiveness.
  • Support for MacOS X Lion (10.7).
  • Lowered session bandwidth usage.
  • Online (smaller) standalone customer client for Windows now reduces download size for customer in many cases.
  • Support for SSL and HTTPS where company policy requires it including certificates and autogeneration of self-signed certificates.
  • Support for TCP port forwarding to and from the remote machine, allowing native programs to be used to access remote services (e.g. Telnet or SSH).
  • Automatically configured sessions ('connectnow' sessions) can now specify a start mode of screen, file or diagnostics.
  • Admin console now contains ability to check for updates.
  • Admin console now allows an automatic assessment of server setup and public availability, with automatic attempt to open up public access.
  • Ability to repair SimpleGateway services on rare occasions where updates fail due to network errors etc.
  • Rename dialog in file transfer mode now shows the current file name to allow easy modifications.
  • OS daemon (service) installation scripts added to all platforms SimpleGateway Service installer.
  • Fixed an issue whereby a message might appear on the remote machine saying '--setwallpaper' could not be found.
  • Fixed an issue whereby elevation might fail if cmd.exe had been disabled by group policy.
  • Fixed an issue whereby the 'In Use' marker on SimpleGatway services in the Access tab would be incorrect.
Version 3.8

Build 3-8-20100818-065000

  • Improved handling of UAC and elevation allowing UAC dialogs to be viewed and controlled if elevated.
  • Improved connections in restrictive environments (please add port 443 to your servers listening ports to take full advantage.
  • Issue Ctrl+Alt+Del from inside SimpleHelp sessions.
  • Improved SimpleGateway installation on Windows from inside SimpleHelp sessions.
  • Improved SimpleGateway installation in SimpleHelp Standalone connections.
  • Introduced elevation prompt when installing SimpleGateway if not already elevated.
  • Added BIOS information in Diagnostic Mode.
  • Fixed a problem where a technician might consistently get a 'Server Version Mismatch' error.
  • Improved RDP session detection.

Build 3-8-20100818-044000

  • Fixed an issue whereby multiple monitors may cause mouse issues or corruption in screen
  • Fixed an issue whereby Windows aero being left on while hardware acceleration is on could cause corruption in screen
  • Sensitive parts of server configuration file are now encrypted
  • Increased SimpleGateway machine connect timeout to allow for slower machines
  • Improved handling of error condition whereby an operating system (e.g. Linux) has run out of file handles
  • Fixed an issue whereby desktop background etc may be restored when a session exits which is part of a number of duplicate sessions
  • SimpleGateway connections installed from within SimpleHelp now contain all customer information by default
  • Fixed an issue whereby a translation was not being applied to one element in the LDAP configuration dialog

Build 3-8-20100818-036000

  • Improved CAD sending on Vista, Windows 7, Server 2008 and above
  • Improved proxy detection

Build 3-8-20100818-032000

  • Ability to set specific technicians on customer URL
  • Fixed an issue whereby reboot into safe mode would not be allowed on Windows XP
  • Fixed an issue with closing the technician session window

Build 3-8-20100817-020000

  • Improved installation of persistent connection service for both standalone sessions and on-demand sessions
  • Fixed an issue whereby backgrounds were not disabled on Windows XP
  • Improved UAC disabling and RDP checking

Build 3-8-20100817-174952

  • Fixes a problem whereby Ctrl+Alt+Del would not be sent on pre-Vista versions of Windows

Build 3-8-20100817-174952

  • Admin privileges are no longer required when using the SimpleHelp customer client (they can be denied and the session will progress with non-admin privileges)
  • Standalone SimpleHelp clients (download and execute with no install) available for Windows and MacOS where Java is not available on the customer side
  • Admin privileges are not required for Standalone SimpleHelp clients, allowing any normal user to connect without installation or elevated privileges
  • Option to elevate the session on Vista, Win7 and 2008+ by either entering credentials on the Technician side or prompting on the remote machine.
  • Menu item for reboot with option to reboot into Safe Mode on Windows
  • Broken SimpleGateway sessions due to login on Vista, Windows 7 and Server 2008 or are now automatically re-established
  • SimpleGateway sessions are now automatically re-established after reboot
  • Screen updates have been accelerated allowing for better responsiveness and lower CPU usage on the remote machine
  • SimpleHelp Sessions started from inside RDP sessions can now be viewed
  • Technician information can be specified on the URL to allow for more in-depth integration
  • LDAP authentication has been improved and made more flexible
  • Popup on technicial client disconnect
  • Optional password restriction on the customer queue details form
  • Optional technician-specific restriction on customer remote support link
  • Optional username and group specified on technician login link
  • The TempWmicBatchFile.bat generated on windows during diagnostics mode is no longer being generated
  • Fixed a problem whereby an RDP switch attempt, CAD signal or a SimpleGateway service install/uninstall could delay input from being sent for a minute
  • Fixed a problem whereby the RDP switch attempt would fail
  • Fixed a problem whereby elevation and UAC would not be dealt with properly on 64-bit machines (Vista, Windows 7, server 2008 etc)
  • Background colour improved on MacOS
  • Zoom slider allows scaling to be tailored to requirements
  • Zoom buttons allow auto fit to height, all or 1:1
  • Notifications are now delivered from drop-downs
  • Improved client layout in HTML for use on small size screens (netbooks etc)
  • Fixed a problem whereby the screen saver was not being disabled on Windows 7, server 2008 etc
  • Fixed a problem whereby session summaries would not be sent if the session was disconnected by the customer
  • Fixed a problem whereby the background image was not being disabled on Windows 7, server 2008 etc
  • Variables entered into the SG service installation dialog are now picked up on the remote machine, not the technician machine
  • UAC is now re-enabled to previous values at the end of a session
  • SimpleGateway / SimpleHelp specific tabs can now be enabled or disabled in the Admin tab
  • File transfers for lots of files have been sped up
  • Fixes a bug where file overwrites may fail
  • Fixes a bug where file transfer progress may stick at 90% even though the entire file has been transferred
  • Fixes a bug where file put mirrors may not work due to the overwrite failing
  • File transfer now displays the sizes of remote files
  • File transfers now preserve the last modified time of the transferred file
  • Fixed a bug whereby the file transfers may run slowly, particularly when fetching files from the remote machine
  • Connectnow=off, now allows prepopulation of customer details without automatic connection and disclaimer skipping
  • Windows Vista, 7 and Server 2008 now only prompt once for UAC elevation
  • Fixed a bug whereby all java processes may not terminate correctly on the remote machine
  • Shortcuts to launch SimpleHelp server as an application have been removed to prevent confusion (always installed as a service now)
  • Fixed a problem whereby F keys 1-3 were not being passed through to the remote machine consistently
  • Fixed a problem whereby using Alt-Tab or similar would result in the modifier key (ALT) being 'stuck down' on the remote machine until pressed again
  • Improved feedback on SimpleGateway service installations from inside SimpleHelp sessions
  • Technicians can now be prevented from installing SimpleGateway services in SimpleHelp sessions

Version 3.7
  • Fixes problems with expired certificates on signed customer and technician client
  • Full support for Windows 7
  • All server configuration can now be performed by logging in as the server admin and editing server properties in the 'Administration' tab
  • All server configuration changes are now loaded dynamically with no server restart required
  • Session speed improvements, particularly on Windows Vista and Windows 7 and over high latency networks
  • Bandwidth usage improvements
  • Where RDP sessions have caused the remote screen to be black after connecting, the software will now prompt to rectify this issue
  • favicon.ico is served from the server
  • The mouse pointer is now shown on the technician client when control is disabled
  • SimpleGateway machine names now support macros (e.g. {hostname} and {ip})
  • Direct URL based links to SimpleGateway machines (e.g.
  • Preferences for technician user interface defaults
  • Improved session error reporting (menu item in technician client to grab debug information)
  • Technicians can edit a session summary and have it emailed out to various addresses, including chat transcripts
  • 'Powered by' has been removed from the customer applet
  • Global ShowMatching/HideMatching filters
  • Improved MacOS X integration (dock icon etc)
  • Client now warns of incorrect version when logging on to server
  • Remote screen zoom scale can now be adjusted on a slider
  • Multiple products (e.g. SimpleHelp server and SimpleGateway service) installed on Windows as services could conflict
  • Initial setup now auto logs in and prompts for a new password
  • Vista and Windows 7 now set color scheme to basic during session to improve speed
  • Installers are signed
  • On Windows 7 etc Windows no longer claims the installer appeared to fail
  • Diagnostics mode now works in Vista and Windows 7
  • Removes Javascript error in IE when loading customer or technician client
  • Fixes an issue whereby SimpleGateway sessions could occasionally hang on "The remote computer has accepted the connection request, connecting now.."
  • Applications requiring elevated privileges can now be controlled in Windows 7
  • Fixes an issue whereby kill session buttons would fail to work
  • Fixes an issue whereby it would not be possible to exit file transfer mode in full screen mode
  • Fixes an issue whereby transferring files could on occasion break and be unable to transfer any more files in the specified direction
  • Fixes an issue whereby transferring files could on occasion leave a dash instead of a tick
  • Fixes an issue whereby dual monitors would not work correctly on MacOS
  • On MacOS cmd+Q and cmd+W are intercepted
  • Fixes an issue whereby when exiting full screen with the chat panel off, the chat panel could be erroneously toggled back on
  • Num lock state is now remembered when the session terminates
  • SimpleGateway sessions are now logged just as SimpleHelp sessions are logged
  • Fixes an issue whereby closing the technician client with the X button would occasionally fail

Version 3.6
  • Major screen update speed improvements over medium and high latency networks
  • New client deployment code auto-installs Java virtual machine if required
  • LDAP authentication support for Technician logins including Active Directory
  • Support for sending Ctrl-Alt-Delete to Vista (and later) when UAC is off (requires group policy to be set appropriately, see the FAQ)
  • Fixes an issue whereby single key presses could result in multiple key presses on Linux
  • Support for translating of Customer and Technician activity logs (and email alerts)
  • Customers with temporary SG installations now appear by default under a 'Customer' tree
  • 'Powered by SimpleHelp' message can now be fully removed on Customer client
  • Fixes an issue whereby certain dialogs might cause problems in full screen mode
  • Fixes an issue whereby control might fail
  • Fixes an issue whereby certain characters entered in as customer details might cause problems connecting and problems logging in
  • Fixes an issue whereby sending Ctrl-Alt-Delete might cause the session to terminate
  • Improves reporting where a launched SimpleGateway shortcut is unable to connect to the server
  • Fixes an issue whereby users with special characters in their home directory path (e.g. hash) might have problems loading the clients

Version 3.5
  • Significant speed and responsiveness improvements
  • Ability to save shortcuts to SimpleGateway sessions
  • Option to view remote screen in a range of colour depths including greyscale (black and white)
  • Option to limit screen udpate frequency
  • Dialog to show connected technicians on machine currently being accessed
  • Dialog to allow remote user to cancel installation of SimpleGateway service
  • Customer list now shows customer details in a table with separate columns
  • Customer list can be filtered via a search field
  • Available machines list now shows machine status and age of last communication
  • Available machines list can be filtered via a search field
  • New Diagnostics mode with:
    • Stats Tab - to see graphs of CPU usage, memory usage and disk usage
    • Processes Tab - sortable table of remote processes with CPU usage, command line and option to terminate
    • System Info Tab - various forms of information about the remote system
    • Customer Tab - to see all customer details
    • Console Tab - to run commands and see output
    • Services Tab - sortable table of remote services with option to stop, pause, start and remove (Windows only)
  • Reduced applet download size
  • SimpleGateway service automatically detects computer name composed of hostname, OS and architecture
  • Optional server status page now shows technicians logged in and other info as XML (suitable for AJAX widgets showing technician availability)
  • Improved visibility of broken links on customer/technician end
  • SimpleGateway machine names can now specify groups (e.g. Group1/Group2/Machine3)
  • SimpleGateway machines now shown as a tree
  • Specific speed improvements when either technician or customer is using a HTTP proxy
  • Specific speed improvements when either technician or customer is on a high latency network (high ping times)
  • Improved applet load screen
  • Improved message warning user that remote computer may be updating
  • Technician preferences are now stored on the server
  • Support for silent install of SimpleGateway service (applies to Windows only)
  • Ability to switch modes using a button on the toolbar
  • Improved detection and management of Copy and Paste
  • Improved screen update indicator
  • Improved and more accurate updates per second counter
  • Fixed an issue whereby key presses would sometimes be interpreted as being held down on Linux (thereby producing multiple keystrokes)
  • Fixed an issue whereby the mouse could continue to move after a technician had disconnected
  • Fixed an issue whereby the 'Are you sure you want to leave this page' dialog would appear when visiting the page
  • Fixed an issue whereby sound notifications could not work in Linux (Ubuntu)
  • Fixed an issue whereby SimpleGateway services installed by SH may not work on Linux or MacOS

Version 3.4
  • Help sessions can now be duplicated to allow other Technicians to join, watch or take over a session
  • SimpleGateway can be automatically installed/uninstalled on the remote machine allowing unattended ongoing access and providing Ctrl-Alt-Del functionality for logging in or reboots
  • Configurable sound, system tray and popup notifications when a customer joins or leaves the queue
  • All components now translated into English, Spanish, French and Italian
  • Email notifications can now be customised via parameterised templates
  • Files may now be dragged and dropped on to the remote folder in File Transfer mode
  • Improved session connection speed
  • Speed and responsiveness improvements
  • Default technician login name is configurable
  • Customer side terminate button is disabled when all sessions are complete
  • Connection speed indicator for Technician and Customer shows if only a slower HTTP connection was possible
  • Translation files, disclaimer and details file are interpreted as UTF-8 to support non-latin character sets
  • Fixed issues where a combination of Firefox and Java 6 Update 10 could cause problems
  • Fixed an issue where pasting (Ctrl-V) and then performing an additional Ctrl-Key combination could be missed or printed
  • Fixed rare issues with key presses when remote machine was Vista
  • Fixed an issue which prevented multiple monitors on the remote computer from being shown
  • Fixed an issue whereby having untransferable information on the clipboard prevented a paste command from being issued

Version 3.3
  • Significant speed improvements throughout
  • Files and folders can now be transferred and 'mirrored' on remote machine to allow easy and ongoing local editing
  • F-keys changed to Alt-F keys to allow sending of F-keys to remote machine
  • Emails now include a sent date
  • Screen saver and hibernation is now automatically avoided if control is on

Version 3.2
  • Visual session timers for customer and technician
  • Improved network link status presentation
  • Improved visibility of customer status (more visibility of when a technician is connected etc)
  • Buttons for the technician and customer to disconnect the session
  • Customer and Technician email alerts and activity logging including:
    • Overall activity logging
    • Logging to one file per technician
    • Email alerts and logging for all customer and technician activity
  • The SimpleHelp server windows installer now preserves the existing config file allowing for update by simply re-installing over the top
  • Mouse wheel events are now sent to the remote computer
  • Fix whereby certain special characters in customer name or details could cause problems joining the customer session
  • Fix whereby in rare occasions an error may occur in the server in ElapsedTimeFormatter or CustomerRegistry causing issues logging in
  • Fix whereby changes to screen resolution may not be deteted and dealt with appropriately

Version 3.1
  • Completely overhauled graphics and icons
  • Improved tunneling through HTTP proxies (greatly improving speed through HTTP proxies)
  • Ability to launch remote commands (e.g. taskmgr.exe)
  • Option to have remote screen scaled to fit window
  • Option to save screenshots as JPEGs and PNGs
  • Toolbar and menus automatically drop-down in full screen mode when mouse is moved to top of screen
  • Toolbar buttons to toggle full screen mode and screen scaling
  • Completely overhauled file transfer mode
    • Confirmation on overwriting of files
    • New folder creation
    • File renaming
    • More intuitive layout with local and remote folder
    • 'File Transfer Jobs' area with job name, size, speed and files transferred
    • Option to stop, start and rerun jobs
    • Buttons enabled and disabled appropriately based on file selection
  • Controls disabled until connection is properly established
  • Improved adaptive file transfer buffer size to increase file transfer speeds
  • Fixed problems exiting full screen mode in MacOS
  • Improved customer details and disclaimer panel layouts
  • Shift-Ctrl-Click (left mouse) now generates a right mouse button click (for use on MacOS systems with one mouse button)
  • Optional <IP> tags in serverconfig.xml to allow server to bind to one or more specific IP addresses
  • Encryption strength increased to 448-bit
  • File transfers to restricted access folders on remote computer no longer prevented by Vista UAC (also applies to folder creation and file/folder deletion and renaming)
  • Tech client login allows re-entry of password upon failed attempt
  • Better indication that the customer is in a queue
  • File transfer mode more robust against errors in transfers

Version 2.37
  • Allows automatic detection of connected customer info (e.g. Operating System)
  • Allows specific accounts to be created for Technicians or Technician groups
  • Allows filtering of customer list for Technicians or Technician groups

Version 2.36
  • Fixes an issue where attempted connections to Linux machines could hang while setting up session security or verifying password
  • Fixes an issue where a new connection could occasionally immediately disconnect
  • Fixes the embedded customer and technician clients on Mac
  • Fixes and issue whereby spaces entered into embedded client parameters (e.g. customer names) would appear in the customer queue as %20

Version 2.35
  • Vista UAC support (removes need to have customer dismiss 'do you want to allow...' popups except upon initial connection)
  • Vista Elevation support (allowing control of high elevation applications such as control panel and installers)
  • URL configuration of customer client (e.g.,Bob)
  • Improved overall session speed
  • Resolves issues which arise when using Vista/FireFox to connect to integrated technician client

Version 2.34
  • Fixes a defect whereby on rare occasions simultaneous connection attempts would lock the remote desktop server causing new session attempts to hang on the technician side until the SimpleHelp server was restarted

Version 2.33
  • Automatic disabling of remote wallpaper improving screen update responsiveness
  • Securely signed and authenticated code via GlobalSign ObjectSign certificate

Version 2.32
  • On-demand translation into any available language (English and Spanish provided) for both Customer and Technician clients
  • Improved Java detection including translated message with link to Java download
  • Improved clipboard transfer (files and text)
  • Paste (Ctrl-V) now transfers clipboard to remote machine and pastes on remote machine
  • Improved Technician client layout
  • More responsive typing echoing
  • Fixes a defect whereby the Windows key on the remote machine could 'stick' in the pressed state
  • Fixes a defect whereby a customer client browser refresh would cause problems with mouse and keyboard control in the subsequent support session
  • Improved mouse location transfer (for hovering over tooltips)

Version 2.31
  • Support for multi-screen desktops (dual heading)
  • Fixes a defect whereby certain browser/OS combinations would produce a SecurityException error
  • Fixes occasional issues downloading client via a proxy server

Version 2.30
  • Improved Java detection
  • Warning on browser page exit

Version 2.29
  • Greatly improved startup time
  • Greatly improved caching
  • New simplified website integration
  • New simplified custom configuration
  • Adaptive file transfer rates
  • Improved tech client user interface

Version 2.28
  • Windows Vista support (Technician Client, Customer Client and SimpleHelp Server)
  • Technician Client restriction by network (e.g. "192.168.1.*")
  • Improved client startup speed
  • Improved client download caching

Version 2.27
  • Fixes a defect whereby SimpleHelp would occasionally fail to install as a service

Version 2.26
  • Automatic HTTP Proxy failover support
  • Automatic and seamless broken network link reconnection
  • Automatic server public accessibility check
  • Live connections list with option to terminate
  • User defined files served from DEPLOY/publicfiles folder

before version 2.26
  • The standalone Technician Client shipped with older versions of SimpleHelp (before v2.26) is not compatible with version 2.26 and above.
  • The Technician Client has been replaced with an on-demand Technician client web page similar to the Customer client.

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