SimpleHelp WebTech Console Guide

A comprehensive guide to using SimpleHelp as a technician from within a web browser. Technicians access the SimpleHelp server using a Technician Console. SimpleHelp includes two Technician Consoles that a technician can use:

  1. A web-based application to access remote machines from any web browser, covered in this guide.
  2. A dedicated desktop application for access to all the features SimpleHelp offers. Please see our technician console guide for details.

Accessing the WebTech Console

To connect to the Technician Console from any web browser start by navigating to the /technician page of your SimpleHelp server, and choose the Launch in Browser option to get started:

Web Tech Launch Screenshot

You will be redirected to the login page for the Technician Console:

Web Tech Login Screenshot

To login, a technician can use the same credentials that they use to log in to the desktop Technician Console application. If the server has any OpenID Connect based authentication schemes configured, these will be listed as well.

WebTech Console

After login, a technician will be presented with a web-based version of the Technician Console. The technician can easily choose between viewing Remote Access sessions, and Remote Support sessions, using the buttons on the left:

Web Tech Remote Support Screenshot Web Tech Machine List Screenshot

For example, selecting Remote Access will show you a list of your Remote Access machines that are available through SimpleHelp:

Web Tech Remote Access Screenshot

The Machine Group hierarchy can be expanded to reveal Machine Groups that reside within parent groups. Groups will use a red circle icon to indicate that all machines in the group are offline, and a green circle icon to indicate that at least one machine in the group is online:

Web Tech Machine Group Screenshot

You can connect to a Customer or a Machine by pressing the Connect button. A new browser window will appear and the session to the remote machine will begin to connect.

WebTech Session Interface

A connected session appears in a new browser window:

Web Tech Machine Group Screenshot

The controls visible will differ slightly when accessing a remote machine from a mobile device:

Fit icon Scale the remote display so that it fits within the window. If pressed again, the scaling will revert back to 1:1 scaling.
Ctrl Alt Del icon Issue a Ctrl Alt Del sequence on the remote machine.
Keyboard icon On a mobile device, press this button to reveal the keyboard in order to send key sequences to the remote machine.
Mouse right icon On a mobile device, press this button to issue a right click on the remote machine.
Terminal icon Switch between the remote display mode and the terminal mode.
Disconnect icon Terminate the session.