Troubleshooting problems accessing your EC2 instance externally

If you find you are unable to RDP in to your EC2 instance then it may be due to your Virtual Private Cloud not being set up correctly.

To rectify this you can exit EC2 and go into the AWS Console Home where you will see a list of all AWS services. In here under Networking you can select the VPC option (Virtual Private Cloud).

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You can think of the VPC as a virtual network where your EC2 instance is located. In the VPC console you can configure your VPC to allow outside access which may be disabled.

  • You should already have a VPC listed already.
  • You may have an Internet Gateway associated with your VPC. If not you should create one and associate it with your VPC.
  • Once you have your Internet Gateway you can select Route Tables and edit or create a Route Table. Specifically you should select the Route Table, then click the Routes sub tab, then click the edit button to edit them.
  • Now specify a route with a destination of "" and a target of your VPC (the ID of your VPC will autofill if you type).

Once done you should now have external access to your EC2 instances located in your VPC.

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