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Remote support software

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Remote Control Software

If you're looking for remote control software you're typically looking for one of two things.
  1. You want to help other people with their computers, or

  2. You want to access your own computers when you're away from them
There are a number of solutions out there and depending on which is most (or all) important to you, you'll be looking for different key features.

If you're looking to do remote support you might be helping people that aren't technical. You need something that makes life as easy as possible so you can get connected, get the job done, and move on with zero extra headaches. Amongst others you might also want features like mobile support so you can help people on the move, remote diagnostics so you can find and fix problems easily and UAC support so you don't have to have the customer clicking dialogs all day long.

If you're mostly interested in accessing your own or your clients computers, you want something that is easy to install and set up, that means you never have to get anyone to 'help out' and do anything to get the session working again, that supports MacOS, Linux, Windows and anything else you might have, and that lets you control the screen and grab files on your phone or tablet so you don't have to have your laptop with you.

Something you'll always be interested in though, is price.

Whatever the weather, if you have to keep paying every month for every machine you want to access, or for every support session you need to do the costs are going to mount up and you're going to lose out.

SimpleHelp takes a different approach. Most people host their own websites these days - its easy - so why not their own remote support and access? For a very low one off fee you can buy a SimpleHelp server license, and then use it to do as much remote support or connect to as many unattended machines as you like (not to mention other stuff like presentations).

simplehelp, a proven technology

People often look to remote control software providers to provide them with a service because they believe that, the higher the price, the better the solution. We offer a full featured trial you can download and start using today so you can decide for yourself.

And if you're still not sure, take a look at our customer comments, or watch this independant review from respected software site (operated by even more respected software download site

5/5 Review for SimpleHelp from (Tucows)
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"After googling, I came across SimpleHelp and looked at the price and thought this isn't going to be much good... I would have never have thought such a low-cost product could ever compete with the big-boys on the market, but I was so wrong. Save your money with the ridiculous exorbitant monthly costs and use SimpleHelp."

Mark Smith, MSIT Group

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To find out more, why not take a look at our overview.

Or, if you prefer, just go ahead and try it now.

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