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When you're looking for IT support software there are a lot of considerations to take into account. You need something that lets you easily connect to your customers to help them. You want something that keeps things absolutely as simple as possible for them so that you don't end up with more headaches than you started with. You might also want features like connecting to unattended machines, Windows UAC support, mobile support, one-to-many presentations and remote machine diagnostics but another feature that will very quickly become important to you is price.

Getting the job done and getting it done quickly and easily is all important when you're supporting remote customers because the quicker you can help one customer the quicker you can move on to helping another customer and make more money for your business. But this isn't the only consideration. If you're paying a subscription to a remote support service, every time you help someone out some of that money has to come out of your pocket and into your service provider's to pay for it. In fact, whether you are making money helping people or not, money will be coming out of your pocket regardless.

But not all software works in this way, in fact, most software doesn't. If you use Microsoft Word, you don't have to pay per document you write, or pay hundreds of dollars every month just to have it available to you. You buy it one off and that is that - you write as many documents as you like.

SimpleHelp is bringing this standard software model to a sector that has long needed it. For a very low one off fee you can host your own full featured remote support, remote access, remote presentation server just like you would host your own website.

simplehelp, a proven technology

People often look to remote service providers to provide them with a service because they believe that, the higher the price, the better the solution. We offer a full featured trial you can download and start using today so you can decide for yourself.

And if you're still not sure, take a look at our customer comments, or watch this independant review from respected software site (operated by even more respected software download site

5/5 Review for SimpleHelp from (Tucows)
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"After googling, I came across SimpleHelp and looked at the price and thought this isn't going to be much good... I would have never have thought such a low-cost product could ever compete with the big-boys on the market, but I was so wrong. Save your money with the ridiculous exorbitant monthly costs and use SimpleHelp."

Mark Smith, MSIT Group

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