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Remote support software

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Virtual Classroom Software - live online remote lecturing and tutoring

Teaching is challenging. Presenting to students in an interesting way that grabs their attention and helps the learning process takes skill, forethought and preparation that often goes unappreciated.

Teaching remotely in a virtual classroom is even more so. Nothing is more frustrating than seeing the time you have spent preparing a lesson or lecture wasted because the technology you are using to present to your students is throwing up problems that are getting in the way or even preventing it from getting across entirely.

SimpleHelp has grown from the highly competetive remote support industry where above all we have been providing simplicity both for the host and attendee, and stability. If a technician is remotely helping a paying customer then it is crucial that their support software lets them get their job done efficiently with zero headaches for the often non-technical customer.

As our business has expanded into the virtual classroom our feature set has expanded to match and with a very low one-off cost to host your own SimpleHelp server you can now:

  • Host presentations to small or large groups of students, securely encrypted or open to all, visible even on mobile devices with no apps or plugins whatsoever required for attendees (not even Flash)

  • Connect to students computers on demand as they request help during tutorial sessions, view and control their computer to demonstrate to them and transfer files back and forth to facilitate setups

  • Install our SimpleGateway unattended service on key computers for distributed or more complex lectures and demos, or just to provide remote access

Anyone in Education is on a tight budget, but we beat other providers on cost hands down. There are no monthly or ongoing fees - just a one off cost to purchase a SimpleHelp server license.

simplehelp, a proven technology

If you're unsure about whether to take the plunge we offer a full featured trial you can download and start using today so you can decide for yourself.

And if you're still not sure, take a look at our customer comments:

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"Two years ago BVU set out to replace their remote support solution. After trying several packages and getting quotes we were beyond frustrated. We found the market is filled with limited solutions and high costs. Then we found Simple-Help. Less than 30 minutes after finding the web site for the first time we had the software running on a demo system and clients connected. We were wowed by the usability and price. We purchased the software a short time later and have not looked back."

Scott Wunschel, Buena Vista University

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To find out more, why not take a look at our overview.

Or, if you prefer, just go ahead and try it now.

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