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LogMeIn Rescue alternative, one time purchase

The key benefit of switching over from your LogMeIn Rescue account to SimpleHelp is that the subscription you pay every month to LogMeIn will end and there will be no subscription for SimpleHelp.

SimpleHelp is licensed as a one off cost. You purchase a SimpleHelp server from us either by paying the one off cost or you can pay an amount similar to your LogMeIn subscription to us for a number of months to buy your license in installments.

consistent reliable service

The next major benefit of running your own SimpleHelp server is that, since you host your own web based SimpleHelp server, you have complete control over the consistency and reliability of the service.

LogMeIn services many users and these users all share the same infrastructure and servers. As with any heavily shared internet service it is common sense that at peak times (times when you are most likely to want to use the service too) heavy loads can adversely affect the experience for you and your customer.

With SimpleHelp, you know what is going on on your own server and you can guarantee SimpleHelp will be there when you need it, ready to perform at full capacity to let you help your customers.

simplehelp, a proven technology

People often look to companies like LogMeIn to provide them with a service because they believe that hosting their own service would be difficult, complex or time consuming. For SimpleHelp, removing all the complexity and administration has been a key focus - we even put it in our name.

SimpleHelp uses state of the art technology to remove all complexity of hosting your own service. You just install, and you're done. You can start helping your customers right away and experience the huge benefits of self-hosting.

And if you're still not sure, take a look at our customer comments, or watch this independant review from respected software site (operated by even more respected software download site

5/5 Review for SimpleHelp from (Tucows)

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