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Remote support software

SimpleHelp Features

SimpleHelp may be simple to set up and to use but simplicity doesn't mean lacking in features. We provide the tools and features you need while ensuring that SimpleHelp is clear and intuitive.

What You Can Do With SimpleHelp

On-Demand Remote Support

Your customers access your support site using their usual browser. And if you like, embed the customer client into your website to make them feel more comfortable without leaving your site.


Share your screen with a few or a few thousand customers and demo your product live. Customers need nothing more than a browser (no plugins!) so mobile devices, phones, tablets, even Nintendo Wii can join in!

Unattended Remote Access

Installing our Remote Access service makes a machine accessible 24/7 without anyone touching it. Automated installation from a help session makes extending or postponing support sessions as easy as clicking a button.


Our mobile client lets you open remote support or access sessions to control the desktop and download files. No plugins required so Android, iOS (iPad, iPhone, iPod...), virtually any web browser on any device.

Self Hosted Server

Control Your Data

Guarantee peace of mind by hosting your own SimpleHelp remote support server to ensure control over your customer's sensitive data.

Cost Effective

Don't pay a third party for bandwidth you already have. By hosting your own server you skip ongoing subscription fees without losing out on functionality.

Faster Sessions and Lower Latency

By hosting your own SimpleHelp server you can be sure that the server is close to your technicians and customers making for faster connections and quicker sessions.

Guaranteed Uptime

Don't be dissapointed and let down by the uptime of subscription services. With a self hosted solution you know your server is up more often because you don't need to share it with others.

Simple Deployment and Integration

Website Integration

The simplest remote support software. Your customers navigate to your site and download a branded support application that they just run.

Standalone Applications

Starting a session has never been easier. Just download and run the small session launchers and you will be up and running in seconds.

Technician User Interface

Screen Resizing and Zoom

Resize the displayed remote screen to fit your current viewing area. Fit entirely, fit by height, or view in native resolution.

Multiple Monitor Support

View all your customer's monitors as a single canvas, or select single monitors to view.

Windows 8

Full support for Windows Vista, 7 and 8 with/without UAC including elevated applications, file transfers and diagnostics.

Screen Blanking

Blank the customer's display with your company logo, a title and message text, allowing you to work in privacy.

Calling Card

Leave a calling card so that your customers can easily get help whenever they need it.

Screencapture Built In

Easily capture screenshots of the remote session for support purposes.

Port Forwarding

Forward ports to allow your local applications to access services on the remote network (e.g. SSH, RDP, (S)FTP, Database clients, custom apps...)


Configure an invite with your customer's details and send it to them, or preconfigure a standalone application to get set up as quickly as possible.

Session Transfer

Duplicate sessions to share with other technicians or simply hand over support sessions when required.

File Transfer

Transfer files and folders to and from the remote machine. Background file and clipboard transfer supported with automatic resuming.

Remote Mouse Cursor

See the same cursor image your customer sees in the same place your customer sees it.

Full Screen

True full screen viewing with no scrollbars or menus to get in the way.

Control Blocking

Avoid unecessary interruptions by disabling the keyboard and mouse on your customers machine.


Automatic detection of failed communications and reconnection of broken sessions.

Advanced Elevation

Elevate the remote customer to Administrator privileges without logging out or restarting the session.


Full support for Ctrl-Alt-Del even on Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 and Server.

Remote Diagnostics

Diagnostics Mode

Diagnostics mode with CPU, Memory and Disk usage graphs, processes table including CPU usage, system info area, remote console and windows services listing and control.

Windows Registry

View, edit or create registry values on the remote machine.

Port Forwarding

Forward any ports you wish over a SimpleHelp session, allowing you to connect to servers and services behind corporate firewalls.

Windows Services

Manage Windows services, including starting and stopping services.


End to End Security

End to end secure encryption of entire session including file transfers, diagnostics data, screen data and control.

No SSL Setup Required

SimpleHelp encrypts the session so you don't have to configure or manage additional encryption mechanisms.

Two Factor Authentication

For added security configure your server to email technicians an authentication code that they must enter along with their username and password to login.

448-bit Secure Encryption

Our industry standard encryption is extended to 448-bit additional resilience to attack.

Industry Standards

Our BlowFish encryption Can be used in accordance with HIPAA regulations.

Server Management

Administration Console

Manage accounts, groups and preferences of your server through the Administration console directly from your browser.

Auto Updating

Remote access services and technician installations all automatically update when your server is upgraded.

Advanced Technician Permissions

Control exactly what your technicians can do. Force them to request control of remote machines, block them from viewing the remote screen without permission, or disable functionality like file transfer.

3rd Party Authentication

Query third party LDAP and Active Directory servers for technician authentication.

Queue Authentication

Optionally set a text password to restrict access to the waiting queue.

Simple Migration

Easily migrate your installation to a new server by copying license and configuration files. No server specific changes required.

Unlimited Technician Accounts

Create as many technician accounts as required, no matter what license you own.

Group Configuration

Configure similar technician accounts centrally by creating technician groups for common configurations.

Virtual Queues

Provide a fully configured technician view by creating arbitrary virtual queues that filter the main waiting queue based on customer details or source domain.

Flexible Binding

Bind to multiple IP addresses or multiple ports to ensure accessibility and robustness.

Server Status Information

Export server information, such as the number of technicians available, to pages allowing you to display support information to customers easily.

Unattended Remote Access

Remote Access Builtin

Full unattended access functionality, allowing you to connect to and manage remote machines when no customer is present.

Reboot and Reconnect

Reboot and reconnect functionality built in, including reboot into safe mode on Windows systems.

No Firewall Issues

Connections are established from the remote machine to your SimpleHelp server so no firewall reconfiguration is required.

Flexible Installation

Configure a remote access machine through an existing support session or using the Remote Access Service installer.

Remote Configuration

Reconfigure remote access machines without needing to establish a connection directly from the Technician console.


Full support for Ctrl-Alt-Del even on Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Server 2008.

Operating System Support

Fully Cross Platform

Support computers running Windows, MacOS, Linux and Solaris.

Java Not Required

Native application launchers for Windows and Linux for technicians, customers and remote access services.

Advanced UAC Support

SimpleHelp supports session initiation even with restrictive Windows security enabled.

Administrator Not Required

Customers don't need Administrator rights to initiate a session.

Native Applications

SimpleHelp's technician, customer and remote access applications are all native. No need to worry about installed dependencies.

Elevation on Demand

Technicians can elevate non-Administrator customer sessions to Administrator sessions for additional privileges without restarting the session.

Windows 8 Supported

SimpleHelp offer full Windows 8, 2012 Server support, including advanced UAC management.

Firewall, NAT, Proxy Support

Support customers in restrictive networks behind NAT, routers, firewalls and even HTTP proxies with no reconfiguration required.

Branding and Integration

Seamless Integration

Embed SimpleHelp directly into your website to ensure consistent branding and customer experience.

Customer Information

Configure and collect customer information such as company, phone number and address.


Write your own business disclaimer that customers must accept prior to support.

Your Own Branding

Alter logos and text displayed in SimpleHelp to fully branding SimpleHelp with your company details.

Automatic Detection

Automatic detection of customer machine and account details such as operating system and username.

Immediate Connect

Create a seamless experience by forwarding customer details from your support software to SimpleHelp to skip customer data collection.

Language Support

Customer and technician clients available translated into English, French, Spanish, Italian, German, Swedish, Portuguese and Dutch directly from your own server.

Cross Locale Support

Accurately type in a session using SimpleHelp's keyboard mapping technology, even when your customer's keyboard locale is different to yours.

Alerts, Notifications and Logging

Email Alerts

Email-based alerts for all customer and technician activity such as when a customer joins the queue and when a session is initiated

Popup Notifications

Technicians can enable popup notifications to provide notification of customer and queue status.


Customers and technicians have visible timers with which to monitor session length. Timing information is logged with session information for offline record keeping.

Advanced Logging

Logging of customer information, technician and session activity, including chat transcripts and technician details.

Configuration Logs

Email notifications and logs are fully configurable allowing you to customise what text and information is sent to customers and technicians.

Technician-Specific Logs

Log to technician specific files allowing you to keep technician filtered records as well as a master log.






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