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Remote Support Software by SimpleHelp

Remote support software

Remote Support Videos

Remote Support, Connect and Chat

Using SimpleHelp to initiate an on demand remote support session with a customer. See how customers easily enter the support queue looking for assistance, and how support technicians connect to and chat with customers.

Remote Access Videos

Remote Access and File Transfer

Using SimpleHelp to remotely access and control an unattended computer. See how technicians can easily connect to a desired machine, control the remote desktop and simply transfer files.

Presentation Videos

Presentation on Desktop and Mobile

Using SimpleHelp to easily share your desktop with presentation attendees. SimpleHelp allows technicians to share their desktop, and places minimal requirements on the attendee. Watch a presented desktop using just an internet browser, on almost any desktop and mobile device.

Other Videos

SimpleHelp Review by (Tucows)

This video shows a review of SimpleHelp from respected software review site (operated by the even more respected software download site In the review SimpleHelp scores full marks - 5 cows out of 5.
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SimpleHelp Running on a Raspberry Pi

We had some fun running SimpleHelp on a $25 Raspberry Pi and were able to have 25 000 machines register with the server!






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