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Trial SimpleHelp

This guide explains how to set up your SimpleHelp trial server. SimpleHelp offers a standard 21 day trial with one active session. At any point during the trial you may purchase a license to fully enable your SimpleHelp server.

For longer trials, or trials with more active sessions complete the trial request form.

choose server

Step 1: Choose your server

The first step is to decide where to host your SimpleHelp server.

You may already know where you want to install, but if you are unsure have a look at our guide on how to run a public SimpleHelp server.

choose simplehelp server download

Step 2: Download simplehelp

Once you have identified where to install SimpleHelp, download the SimpleHelp Server software from the download area and install it. Installation instructions for your server are included in the download area.

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Step 3: Getting started

Your server is now up and running. If you wish to configure your server further, or learn about the wealth of features SimpleHelp offers, follow these guides to let you get the most out of your server.

administration guide


Your SimpleHelp server has a wealth of features such as filtering for virtual queues, LDAP and Active Directory integration, email logging and more. To learn more about the settings of your SimpleHelp server consult our Admin Guide.

technician guide


SimpleHelp gives your technicians a range of support, access and presentation tools. Our Technician Guide explains how to support customers, access remote machines and configure and run presentations using SimpleHelp.

public external access guide

Public External Access

If you installed SimpleHelp on your own network, you may need to configure your router or firewall to allow public access. Our External Access guide explains how to set this up.

remote access guide

Remote access

SimpleHelp provides unattended remote access to computers with the Remote Access service installed. To learn how to configure these remote services take a look at the Remote Access Service Setup Guide.

branding and integration guide

Branding and Integration

To learn how to integrate SimpleHelp into your own website for improved branding and a better customer experience, take a look at our Integration Guide.






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