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Specifying Technicians in a Customer Remote Support Link Image

Specifying Technicians in a Customer Remote Support Link

Categories: Technician Guide
Summary: How to specify one or more specific technicians in a remote support link sent to customers


When sending a customer a link to connect to a SimpleHelp server for remote support a technician may wish to restrict that customer's visibility to just one or more prespecified technicians. While SimpleHelp provides an advanced filtering mechanism to achieve this, specifying filters for single connections can be time consuming. Instead, the technician can specify which technicians the customer should be visible to by altering the link send to the customer by using links of the form:

http://<your SimpleHelp server>/customer?technician=<technician username>,<technician username>, ...

As an example, the following link will allow the technician with username bob to view the customer connection:

http://<your SimpleHelp server>/customer?technician=bob

To allow multiple technicians to view a customer connection, each username is presented in a comma-separated list. The following example would allow both andy and bob to view the new connection:

http://<your SimpleHelp server>/customer?technician=bob,andy

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