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  - outside network access
  - "server upgrade"
  - how to share a session

KnowledgeBase Category

Server Setup and Installation

SimpleHelp Server Setup Guide

How to set up a remote support and access server

SimpleGateway Service Setup Guide

How to set up machine for unattended remote access

Hosting Help

Server hosting requirements and service provider suggestions


KnowledgeBase Category

Administration and Usage

Branding and Integration Guide

Altering visible text and logos in SimpleHelp, and integrating with your website.

Administrator Guide

Instructions on managing your SimpleHelp server

Technician Guide

Accessing remote customers' computers and unattended machines

FAQ and Troubleshooting

Answers to frequently asked questions and common problems


KnowledgeBase Category


3rd party Helpdesk Plugins

Integrating SimpleHelp with 3rd party helpdesk solutions

Upgrading and Migrating

Upgrading to a newer version of SimpleHelp, or migrating an existing install to a new server.

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All of our articles, sorted alphabetically

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