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Remote support software

About SimpleHelp Software

SimpleHelp LogoSimpleHelp is server software that allows people to remotely interact with and control computers. SimpleHelp does three things:
  • Remote Support: connect to a customer's computer to remotely identify, diagnose and fix problems.
  • Remote Access: connect to and control computer even if they are unattended.
  • Presentation: broadcast your desktop to large or small numbers of attendees across the internet.

About SimpleHelp Ltd

SimpleHelp Ltd is a privately owned company founded in October 2007 by and who saw the need for a cross-platform, affordable remote support solution. SimpleHelp is still proudly based in Edinburgh, Scotland, and maintains a small team of committed employees.

We strive to produce software that people can use without having to work at it. Our goal is to create software which is as intuitive and effective as a hammer and nail or paper and pencil.

Today SimpleHelp is part of an increasingly competetive market and is more committed than ever to producing simple, functional, affordable remote support software.
Antony Bio Image
Antony is a graduate of St. Andrews University but likes to play down most of his links to royalty. After accidentally eating whortleberries in the 12th century Antony had a vision of "interconnected independent devices communicating in pure Harmony through provision of an anti-entropic framework upon a chaotic subsystem". Despite repeated calls of "What say ye?" Antony learned to operate wood pulp learning blocks and just 800 years later joined forces with George to fulfill his destiny. In his spare time Antony has over five hobbies and claims to have won a Nobel Prize for his seminal work "Durst Bestow Upon Me Ae Skillet And All Shall Become Provender Save The Mushroom" and a lifetime's supply of onion chutney for his bold attempt to 'jump' the Atlantic.
George Bio Image
George is an Edinburgh University postgraduate with a love for solving interesting problems. He appreciates the finer details of SimpleHelp the most. Recently, he has perfected the art of pretending to know what Antony is talking about. If you don't want to talk business, George is surprisingly knowledgeable about cricket, and can deliver a near perfect Meat Loaf rendition.

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