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Remote Desktop Support Software

We all know how frustrating it is to try and help someone over the phone or even over text chat. Non-technical users try their best to describe what they see but either they seem to launch into a long list of irrelevant things they can see on their screen or they seem to keep missing the crucial bit that will actually help your mental picture. Hit an unexpected case with a missing or new window and things get even worse, it's like trying to control your computer with the monitor switched off.

A lot of us also know there are apps out there that let you view and control other computers. Some of them are very basic and don't support things like file transfer, encryption or support Windows UAC properly, others are full featured but either have an eye-watering price tag or seem to want you to empty your wallet every month to pay for their bandwidth, electricity and private jets whether you use it or not.

Here at SimpleHelp we are offering something different. We think like this: if you buy PowerPoint you don't have to pay every time you make a presentation, or give a presentation, or brush your teeth. You pay once, you own it, you use it. That is why we sell SimpleHelp as a one off cost. You pay a low price, once, and then you can do as many remote support sessions, remote access sessions and presentations as you like. End of story, money that goes into your wallet stays there.

Almost everyone hosts their own websites these days, so why not their own remote support and access?

Cost of course isn't the only consideration when providing remote support, you need something your users can use without creating more problems, that lets you get the job done quickly and easily, and that gives you the tools you need to ensure your customers privacy, security and satisfaction. We're very aware of this and we work very hard to make sure SimpleHelp provides what you need at any level. Here's an idea of some of the features you get for a one off $295 purchase:

  • Web based on-demand remote help sessions, unattended remote access sessions and one-to-many presentations

  • Fully encrypted sessions end to end, including file transfers, diagnostics - all communications

  • Embed the customer client into your website with a few lines of HTML to give your customers complete confidence

  • Full support for MacOS, Linux and Windows through Vista, 7 and above with full UAC dialog support and Ctrl-Alt-Delete

  • Technician side view, control and file transfer support for mobile devices including iOS, Android and other platforms

  • Diagnostics mode showing machine stats, direct access to processes, services, and even port forwarding for other services

  • Diverse technician account support with unlimited accounts, technician groups, filtering, virtual queues and LDAP / ActiveDirectory authentication

  • Email alerts and session logging to file and email

simplehelp, a proven technology

People often look to remote support providers with big price tags to provide them with a service because they believe that, the higher the price, the better the solution. We offer a full featured trial you can download and start using today so you can decide for yourself.

And if you're still not sure, take a look at our customer comments, or watch this independant review from respected software site (operated by even more respected software download site

5/5 Review for SimpleHelp from (Tucows)
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"After googling, I came across SimpleHelp and looked at the price and thought this isn't going to be much good... I would have never have thought such a low-cost product could ever compete with the big-boys on the market, but I was so wrong. Save your money with the ridiculous exorbitant monthly costs and use SimpleHelp."

Mark Smith, MSIT Group

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To find out more, why not take a look at our overview.

Or, if you prefer, just go ahead and try it now.

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