Package jwrapper.jwutils

Interface Summary
JWOSXEventListener A listener for OS X Apple Events.

Class Summary
JWConstantClock Tracks the current time in milliseconds and adapts to ignore changes in the date and time on the computer, thereby avoiding over/undersleeping due to synchronized time server updates etc.
JWCrypt Utility method for loading encrypted resources and files.
JWGenericOS Utility methods for OS level interactions which are cross platform (Windows/Linux/Mac)
JWInstallApp Can be used by JWrapperPostInstallApp virtual apps
JWJreVerifierApp Can be used by JWrapperJreCompatibilityApp virtual apps
JWLauncher Used to set options on a launch by configuring internal JWrapper dynamic properties
JWLinuxOS Utility APIs for Linux
JWLogging Used to track success of a child virtual app and also for the child virtual app to respond with success or failure etc
JWMacOS Utility APIs for MacOS
JWOsType Utility APIs for detection of the current Operating System
JWRepair Used to increment the version on a JW build to force a re-update
JWServerUnavailableApp Can be used by JWrapperMatchedVersionServerUnavailable virtual apps
JWService JWService is a utility class that allows JWrapper virtual apps to be run as an operating system service.
JWService.ServiceMessageHandler We use this message handler to receive messages from the elevated service install component.
JWSockIPC Used to reliably and easily set up a Socket (for inter-process communication) between the current process and a child process to be launched by JWSystem.
JWSystem Utility APIs for virtual apps running inside JWrapper All methods in this class will run without using or requiring a graphical user interface (they will work OK in a headless system)
JWSystemUI Utility APIs for virtual apps running inside JWrapper Methods in this class require a graphical user interface (they will not work on a headless system)
JWUninstallApp Can be used by JWrapperPreUninstallApp virtual apps
JWUpdateApp Can be used by JWrapperUpdateApp virtual apps
JWWindowsOS Utility APIs for Windows
JWWindowsRegistry Utility APIs for the Windows Registry

Exception Summary